Brit online dating specialist conveys to guy to protect yourself from ‘overweight and called’ english girls… and opt for ‘good and beautiful’ Russian and Eastern European

Richard Los Angeles Ruina claimed ‘entitled’ Uk female never maintain their looks

A BRIT dating professional possesses shipped a scathing critique of English ladies – and strongly better if blokes evening easterly European ladies rather.

Richard Los Angeles Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has printed two bestselling-books on seduction and includes already been named “one of the nation’s leading pick-up creators” in earlier times.

The online dating specialist statements British female are becoming titled and overweight.

The guy solidly suggests their french men visitors to prevent home-grown ladies and go for easterly European chicks – that are much more female, well-mannered and more gorgeous, as part of his thoughts.

Actually, after realising that British females were “not wedding material”, Richard moved to Moscow, Russia last year because of the only aim of finding a girl to stay out with.

He or she since out dated around 200 “good and beautiful Russian girls” before he or she met his own spouse Katia in March 2015 in a pub.

Katia try deliberately unemployed and number anticipate to posses family in the following yr.

Richard, exactly who partnered Katia, 26, in December just last year in Mauritus, claimed: “during professional and private opinion, I would recommend that simple male clientele certainly not date Brit people.

“If you’re interested in someone that beautiful, clever and it has close manners, consequently go for an easterly European lady. Read more