When JoJo Siwa was announced as an element of Dancing with all the Stars 30th month, the lady casting was included with a historical footnote

She is element of one or more DWTS electricity pair.

When JoJo Siwa was announced as an element of dance with all the performers 30th season, this lady casting included a historical footnote. The previous dancing mothers star, who recently arrived on the scene included in the LGBTQ+ area in January 2021, is contending on DWTS as part of the showa€™s first same-sex pairing during the showa€™s 16-year history. When Siwa moved out on the dancing floor the very first time, readers learned professional dancer Jenna Johnson will be the other half for this pairing. These facts about Jenna Johnson from DWTS are simply some of the explanations why she had been plumped for becoming Siwaa€™s other half. Read more