AS Roma – Lyon. Glasgow Smile Prediction

“Roma” itself has driven itself into a position in which it needs to defeat “Lyon”, with at least two goals. Winning at the Stade de Lumière, with a score of 2: 1, the Wolves managed to miss three times. The away game is not the strongest Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. Roma side this season. In addition, it so happened that Luciano Spalletti’s team had a black streak, during which the Romans lost three times in a row. But each episode, sooner or later, ends. So, Roma in the last round of Serie A convincingly defeated Palermo with a score of 3: 0.

At Stadio Olimpico, AS Roma have won 12 of their 13 Serie A home games. In total, since the start of the season, “The Magicians” have played 22 games in their own stadium, in which they won 18 wins, one draw and three losses. Lyon won only once in their last 5 away games in Ligue 1, with one draw and three defeats.

I think “Roma” will take an example from “Barcelona”, “Leicester”, “Monaco”, “Borussia” and will move on, despite the defeat in the first match. But let’s not be greedy, I propose to bet directly on the victory of “Roma”.

Czech Republic – Sweden: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

We, of course, tried to keep abreast of what was going on in the hockey championships of the Czech Republic and Sweden, and in the end we came to the conclusion that in the KHL, the situation with the pandemic is still in flower. And the very fact of holding the Karjala Cup on time can be considered a huge success, like winning a Moscow apartment with a lottery ticket taken for change at the Uryupinsk train station. And what teams will arrive there, in what state and in what tone – this is an unknowable mystery. We know for sure that Russia will be represented there by the “Larionov kindergarten”, and that the rest will alienate (and they will most likely alienate something), we will figure it out in the course of the play.

Plus, of course, refusals, which were also enough this time. Some of them became known to the media, some of them we learned “from the blower”. They are connected, first of all, with the current difficulties of border crossing. Because in some places they can now be overcome only by crawling, under barbed wire, dodging the bullets of border guards.

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By the names of the teams of the Czech Republic and Sweden, with all the refusals, they look … how to put it mildly … well, not for the World Championship, but in comparison with our team, practically for the World Championship. That is, there is someone to score, who not to let to score, who to “dry”, and who “to crawl under the skin”. Briefly, the compositions can be described as “a pair of each creature”, but let’s not forget that the Swedes have recently become some kind of completely plush. The famous Scandinavian stamina, which allowed them to pull out lost matches in the last minutes, has disappeared somewhere.

In general, everything will be decided on the ice, and everything will depend on which team will screw up less in specific moments. For some reason, it seems to me that the Czechs will play less, and the main time will be enough for them to win.

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“Colorado” – “Vegas”: forecast and rate of Pavel Lysenkov

Let me remind you that the match will take place at Lake Tahoe. It’s on the California / Nevada border. There, a hockey rink was installed right on the golf course, and from there you can even throw it so that the puck will fly straight into the water. As the forward of “Colorado” Valery Nichushkin said, this is what his team indulged in after training.

On the conditions of the site: there is dazzling white ice and a very bright sun. That is, you will have to play almost blindly. Hockey players will use darkened visors, and here, the main thing is not to crash into each other at speed, not to get injured.

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There is also a decent wind, which will also affect the game.

And I also note that Colorado, as always, has enough injuries – captain Gabriel Landeskog just left the covid protocol, and leading defender Kyle Makar was out for a period from day to day and may not take part in the game.

In this fight, I would take odds of 4.71 for the fact that Vegas will win in regulation time, and at the same time the total in this match will be less
5.5 washers. I take into account the weather conditions here and the fact that the Golden Knights do not have so many injuries and in general they look more cheerful.

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