It was a vow that came as a shock to a lot of. After all, sexual purity is a commitment.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his sweetheart

that will be historically expected of, related to – actually demanded of – females. But intimate abstinence isn’t something thought of males, specifically boys like Russell Wilson.

Wilson, an experienced, appealing competitor, embodies latest ideals of manliness, which include preferences, money and, yes, intimate expertise.

So just how do a man like Russell Wilson navigate dedication to abstinence while upholding beliefs of maleness? Wilson’s status as an athlete and heartthrob is probable providing your just what sociologist CJ Pascoe phone calls “jock insurance coverage.” In other words, as a result of his star condition, he is able to create traditionally nonmasculine alternatives without their maleness asked.

Exactly what can it suggest for a man who’sn’t into the spotlight, exactly who renders an equivalent brand of dedication to abstinence? Read more