‘Nurse Holly’ Faces Backlash for widespread TikTok ‘Safe Sex’ Video

Mothers have sufficient headaches with regards to gender together with net – porno and pedophiles getting chief among them. Now we can create gender degree, especially if your child is getting that degree on the internet, as well as the facts becoming disseminated is coming from a spot of prejudice.

TikTok are a favorite social media app which allows networkers to number and express quick movies. it is usually employed by folks planning to flaunt their abilities in things from funny to lip-syncing. It’s furthermore popular with religious teams, like the Amish and Mennonites, whom look at the software as a way to offer young people a fun look into what their own way of life is all about. Eg, there’s one prominent TikTok videos revealing a Amish girl operating a horse and buggy while Lil’ Nas X’s “Old Town Road” takes on when you look at the history.

Subsequently there’s Nursing Assistant Holly. Nursing assistant Holly was a 24-year-old TikTok originator that a whopping 1.7 million fans. Within her clips, she wears scrubs and a stethoscope, and the woman is purportedly an actual medical expert. There’s absolutely no reason to trust she’sn’t (one internet site claims she attended the nursing plan at hand Beach Atlantic college). Holly has utilized this lady TikTok account to provide away wellness advice also to explore just how religion issue into their life. She uses the hashtags #jesus and #jesussaves, and she posted a video whereby she stated that “a great deal of Jesus” can deal with stress and anxiety.

Nursing assistant Holly have 1.7 million followers on TikTok and 49,000 supporters on Instagram. Images: nursehollyofficial, Instagram

It’s not surprising (neither is it problematic) that, looking at the girl religious leanings, Nurse Holly supports abstinence. Read more