Ask Ammanda: i do believe my gf is cheating along with her cousin

I have been having some difficulties that are real in my own relationship. I would like to believe that it is simply paranoia but i cannot appear to ignore it. I have already been utilizing plenty of leisure medications lately that may have absolutely swayed my suspicions because i usually appear to feel super paranoid when I’ve used medications, and so I try to keep far from it for my very own sanity but sometimes find yourself giving in.

My gf of six years is definitely close that is super her younger bro that we’ve never really had any issues with, however in the very last 12 months we’ve had feelings and suspicions that one thing except that an ordinary sibling relationship is being conducted together with them.

All of it started one when her brother came over day. They certainly were both going upstairs simultaneously and had been acting as I know the signs) so I went upstairs and I found a line of cocaine racked up on my bedside table if they were on drugs (I’ve been there. Read more